So you just bought a live microgreens tray? Let's keep it alive!

Take your yummy greens home! Sit in a windowsill. Pour water in the bottom tray and gently set greens tray back inside water tray. Be sure it gets enough light and water. If the greens look wilty, you probably need more water. You can put them in direct sunlight only for a bit but typically they will do fine with shaded sun as in the wild they grow under more robust adult plants that shade them from the harsh direct light. If you do NOT have a window to sit them in, that's ok! They will do fine under LED or fluorescent. I encourage you to play with it a little bit. Don't be scared to see what works best for you. It will not die from a one day experiment. And remember you can call or text us if you are confused or having problems. There is also lots of different ways to see how to care for your greens on the internet. 
When harvesting your greens. You do not need a knife like you saw us have. Scissors are fine. Cut down toward the root avoiding clipping soil into your food. Proceed to put on any dish and gobble up!

When you have harvested your whole tray and want to grow more.. Call, text, email and I will send you seeds of your choice. You can reuse the soil maybe once but after that, you need to buy ORGANIC potting soil. My 2 favorites that are awesome are Fox Farm Happy Frog and Black Gold.